Compatible Brother LC61 Black Fuzion (HD)

  • Compatible Brother LC61 Black Fuzion (HD)

Brother LC61BK – Compatible Ink Jet Black

Article #: CJFBRLC61BK
Origin code: LC61BK 
Type: Ink Jet
Category: New Compatible
Capacity: High Yield
Version1: V4
Genrration2: HD
Ink3: 2 picolitres
Print color: Black 
Nomber of pages4: 450 (0.019$/pages)
Market price: 12.99$

Laser Toner Cartridge Brother LC61 Black Compatible certified ISO/IEC 24711 et 24712, ensures performance and print quality comparable to original cartridges.

  • Product guaranteed at 100 %.

  • Free Technical Support.

Compatible printers

Brother – DCP Series
DCP-165C | DCP-375CW | DCP-385CW | DCP-395CN | DCP-585CW | DCP-J125 | DCP-J140W
Brother – MfC Series
MFC-250C | MFC-255CW | MFC-290C | MFC-295CN | MFC-490CW | MFC-495CW | MFC-5490CN | MFC-5890CN | MFC-5895CW | MFC-6490CW | MFC-6890CDW | MFC-6890DW | MFC-790CW | MFC-795CW | MFC-990CW | MFC-J220 | MFC-J265w | MFC-J270W | MFC-J410W | MFC-J415W | MFC-J615W | MFC-J630W

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1Version, 2Generation, 3Ink — Toner,  4Nomber of pages... Learn more

  • Brand: Fuzion
  • Product Code: IJLC61K
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 8.95$

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Last update on 23.03.2019

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