About Ink Club


InkClub.ca aims to offer the largest selection of ink cartridges at the best prices.​  We do only one thing and we do it well:  You need ink, we will make sure you are satisfied!


Our approach is based on transparency, awareness and, most of all, complete customer satisfaction.  Our vast R&D experience is what ensures you get high quality products at the best possible prices.  This is why our reputation always precedes us.

Green / Environmentally-Friendly

Our cartridges follow the same standards as genuine cartridges and we always exceed them.  Other manufacturers do not completely fill cartridges which ends up costing you more and creates more garbage for the environment.  Our cartridges are filled at their maximum and tested to ensure they work well.  We use parts that are recyclable and aim to minimize potential garbage.


Customer satisfaction is very important because that is why a Club works well.  We want you to be happy and to talk about us to your friends and family.

InkClub.ca allows you to accumulate Reward Point on every purchase and save even more.  When you buy any product on InkClub.ca, you obtain Reward Points.  You can use your Reward Points on any subsequent purchase and even get free products.
You can help us to spread the word about InkClub.ca and obtain a commission on every sale that you refer.  Simply become an affiliate member by following the instructions here.