Finding it difficult to choose in a world where shops, including those online,
always have something cheaper to offer?


The question you are surely asking yourself is: what’s the catch!

Unfortunately Yes, there is a catch!


Pitfalls of ill-calculated risks

The price trap: Many mistakenly believe that all… Read more

The Quality Trap: Did you know that 64% of non-original ink cartridges … Read more

The trap of premature wear: It is easy for manufacturers to reduce their costs… Read more

André Ink selects only products from the best manufacturers, and if we are not able to offer you the best, we will make it for you..

Our strategy  
The lowest prices

Understanding that the price of a cartridge is not calculated by the price of the container but by the value of the content, no matter what your choice of cartridge, André Ink will always offer you the best value. We guarantee it. And if you find the same product or equivalent quality cheaper, we will match the price..

Don’t take any chances, go where all connoisseurs buy their cartridges.